Prevent pole fires with Safegrid

Prevent pole fires with Safegrid

Prevent pole fires with Safegrid

Within the complex infrastructure that delivers electricity, insulators play a vital role. These electrical components, typically situated atop utility poles, function by preventing current from flowing unintentionally. However, the functionality of insulators can deteriorate over time, posing a significant threat to the stability of power grids.

Here’s the science behind the spark:

  • Insulator Breakdown: Cracks, age, or environmental contaminants can compromise an insulator’s ability to resist electricity.
  • Leakage Current: Instead of following its designated path, electricity starts to leak across the insulator’s surface.
  • Arcing: This leakage doesn’t flow smoothly, it creates a mini arc – intense heat generation with sparks.
  • Ignition Point: Wooden poles, treated with preservatives, become prime targets for ignition by the extreme heat.


A pole fire is more than a localized inconvenience. It can:

  • Cause power outages, impacting homes and businesses.
  • Damage critical infrastructure.
  • Spark wildfires, especially in dry or windy conditions.

With Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System®, problems can be discovered before they lead to more serious consequences.

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