Grayhawk™ Overhead Line Fault Indicator

Meet Safegrid’s wireless fault passage indicator (FPI) Grayhawk™ designed to monitor overhead lines with high-frequency measuring for accurate and fast results.

Grayhawk™ for medium voltage overhead line monitoring

Our wireless fault indicator Grayhawk™ is the newest addition to our product range. This FPI expands our product range to overhead network monitoring.

Just like Grayfox™ (our module for underground cable line monitoring), Grayhawk™ is using highly accurate and reliable high-frequency measuring.

Unlike older, traditional methods, this technology can sense minor disruptions with maximum accuracy and speed.

Our monitoring and analytics system Grayhawk™ is entirely cloud-based and works with the brain of the system, GridGuardian™.

They form a deep learning analytic system for fault prediction and preventive grid maintenance.

Currently, we are doing extensive field testing and will be releasing further information about Grayhawk™ soon.

Grayhawk™ - For Overhead Lines

Grayhawk™, the next-generation fault passage indicator (FPI) for overhead line networks. 

Measurements of all of our devices are based on high-frequency measuring. This technology can see faults not detected by traditional fault indication devices or network monitoring systems.

What does this mean? In short form: resulting in a way more accurate picture of your network. Faults can be detected instantly with no prolonged grid disruptions.