Wireless Grid Monitoring

Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System™ includes our revolutionary products for cable line and cloud based monitoring.

The installation process

Streamlined & Easy

Our wireless and self-powering sensors can be installed in less than 30 minutes and require neither alterations nor system shutdowns for installation. No precious time is wasted.

The monitoring and analytics system is entirely cloud-based (public or private cloud). Therefore, it provides complete visibility and actionable alerts about the entire grid.

Our software can be operated simply as a standalone system that does not need integration into SCADA or other systems. The benefits are clear: swift and easy deployment and installation processes.

Of course, when necessary, deep integration into customers’ systems is available via flexible REST APIs.

Quick installation of our intelligent product

Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System™ products

Grayfox™ - Underground monitoring

Grayfox™ is a complete wireless Fault Passage Indicator sensor module. Easy to install with an outdoor IP67 waterproof ranking. It makes our technology the first choice for a modern medium voltage underground cable line monitoring.


Grayhawk™ - Overhead monitoring

Grayhawk™ is our wireless Fault Passage Indicator for medium voltage overhead cable line monitoring. Modern, easy to install and fast to operate. A unique standalone unit, no external power source is needed.


GridGuardian™ Cloud-Based Monitoring System

Safegrid GridGuardian™ is the essential core part of our intelligent grid system – the brain of our technology system.

Both Grayhawk™ and Grayfox™ send data, including reports, alerts, and other key features, using deep learning and data enrichment techniques. GridGuardian™ collects the data and provides visual GIS-based real-time monitoring and fully customizable reports.


A detailed product deployment

From planning to operation - streamlined process