GridGuardian™: Cloud-Based Monitoring System

Meet Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System™ GridGuardian™.

Our state-of-the-art, GIS-based, real-time monitoring device. Prevent grid faults with modern cloud-based technology.

The intelligent cloud-based monitoring and analytics tool

Our brain of the system, GridGuardian™, gives you the big picture about the grid´s performance. It provides instant actionable alerts about all grid faults in real-time.

The technology of GridGuardian™ has multiple benefits, including:

  • Secure communication with the cloud server
  • Visual GIS-based real-time monitoring
  • Browser, and mobile user interfaces
  • Fast and reliable
  • Instant SMS alerts with location information
  • Fully customisable reports
  • Easy integration with dashboard systems


GridGuardian™ is the brain of our system, analysing all data provided by the sensors Grayfox™ and Grayhawk™

With GridGuardian™, our FPI devices can form a deep learning analytic system for fault prediction and preventive grid maintenance

GridGuardian™ - cloud based real-time fault prediction

GridGuardian™ - Our Cloud-Based Monitoring System

Safegrid GridGuardian™ is the essential core part of our intelligent grid system – the brain of our technology system.  

GridGuardian™ collects the data (from Grayfox/ Grayhawk) and provides visual, GIS-based real-time monitoring and fully customizable reports – based on deep learning and data enrichment techniques.