GrayfoxUnderground Fault Indicator

Meet Safegrid’s wireless fault passage indicator (FPI) Grayfox™ designed to monitor underground cables with high-frequency measuring for accurate and fast results.

The intelligent sensor module for medium voltage underground cable monitoring

Our wireless fault indicator Grayfox™ can be installed in 30 minutes or less and requires neither alterations nor system shutdowns. 

The technology of Grayfox™ has multiple benefits, including:

  • High-Frequency measuring
  • Completely wireless connectivity
  • Accurate (even <100m)
  • Fast and reliable
  • Immediate notification of grid faults
  • Backup power for up to 2 days
  • Waterproof:  IP67
  • Maintenance-free: >10 year lifetime


The monitoring and analytics system Grayfox™ is modern and entirely cloud-based. 

It is complete with the brain of the system, our GridGuardian™.

In combination, both devices can form a deep learning analytic system for fault prediction and preventive grid maintenance. 

Together, Grayfox™ and GridGuardian™ are genuinely a state-of-the-art, GIS-based, real-time monitoring technology.

Grayfox™ - a modern fault indication system
"Thanks to Safegrid system we were able to eliminate a potentially critical failure from our grid which could have escalated to a fault causing an outage to thousands of customers. We are grateful to Safegrids personnel for helping to draw our attention to this event and we are confident that these types of failures and anomalies will also be detected in the future by Safegrids intelligent system."
Taavi Tammeorg
Chief Specialist, Elektrilevi OÜ

Grayfox™ - For Underground Cables

Grayfox™ is a complete wireless Fault Passage Indicator sensor module. Our new modern medium voltage underground cable line monitoring system.

All measurements of our devices are based on high-frequency measuring. They can see faults not detected by traditional fault indication devices or network monitoring systems.

What does this mean? In a short form: resulting in a way more accurate picture of your network.  All faults can be detected immediately with no prolonged disruptions.

GridGuardian™ - Our Cloud-Based Monitoring System

Safegrid GridGuardian™ is the essential core part of our intelligent grid system – the brain of our technology system.

Grayfox™ constantly measures the grid, focusing on fault indications. In the event of occurring faults, it automatically sends alerts to Grid Guardian™.

GridGuardian™ collects the data and provides visual GIS-based real-time monitoring and fully customizable reports, based on deep learning and data enrichment techniques.