GrayfoxUnderground Fault Indicator

Meet Safegrid’s wireless fault passage indicator (FPI) Grayfox™ designed to monitor underground cables with high-frequency measuring for accurate and fast results.

The intelligent sensor module for medium voltage underground cable monitoring

Our wireless fault indicator Grayfox™ can be installed in 30 minutes or less and requires neither alterations nor system shutdowns. 

The technology of Grayfox™ has multiple benefits, including:

  • High-Frequency measuring
  • Completely wireless connectivity
  • Accurate (even <100m)
  • Fast and reliable
  • Immediate notification of grid faults
  • Backup power for up to 2 days
  • Waterproof:  IP67
  • Maintenance-free: >10 year lifetime


The monitoring and analytics system Grayfox™ is modern and entirely cloud-based. 

It is complete with the brain of the system, our GridGuardian™.

In combination, both devices can form a deep learning analytic system for fault prediction and preventive grid maintenance. 

Together, Grayfox™ and GridGuardian™ are genuinely a state-of-the-art, GIS-based, real-time monitoring technology.

Grayfox™ - a modern fault indication system

Grayfox™ - For Underground Cables

Grayfox™ is a complete wireless Fault Passage Indicator sensor module. Our new modern medium voltage underground cable line monitoring system.

All measurements of our devices are based on high-frequency measuring. They can see faults not detected by traditional fault indication devices or network monitoring systems.

What does this mean? In a short form: resulting in a way more accurate picture of your network.  All faults can be detected immediately with no prolonged disruptions.

GridGuardian™ - Our Cloud-Based Monitoring System

Safegrid GridGuardian™ is the essential core part of our intelligent grid system – the brain of our technology system.

Grayfox™ constantly measures the grid, focusing on fault indications. In the event of occurring faults, it automatically sends alerts to Grid Guardian™.

GridGuardian™ collects the data and provides visual GIS-based real-time monitoring and fully customizable reports, based on deep learning and data enrichment techniques.