Safegrid Intelligent Grid System™

Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System™ helps locate, predict, and prevent grid faults and improve grid performance with instant-on wireless sensors and modern cloud-based monitoring and analytics.

Our Intelligent Grid System™

The electrical distribution grid is a complex and extensive system that plays a vital role in our daily lives.

In Europe alone, there are over 10 million kilometers of medium-voltage lines and millions of secondary substations. However, despite its significance, the grid is prone to various risks and failures, including natural disasters, overloading, and even solar flares, which can result in costly damages and endanger human lives.

Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System™ is a game-changer in the industry, offering innovative solutions to address these challenges.

Using advanced wireless sensors and cloud-based monitoring and analytics software, our next-generation fault passage indicators (FPIs) – Grayfox™ for underground cable networks and Grayhawk™ for overhead line networks – can quickly locate faults with high accuracy in just seconds.

Our GridGuardian™ cloud-based monitoring system enables utilities to monitor and analyze the grid’s performance in real-time, improving its overall efficiency and reliability.

Unlike traditional grid systems, Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System™ is easy to install and doesn’t require any downtime, making it an ideal stand-alone solution for utilities looking to modernize their grid infrastructure.

Meet our revolutionary Intelligent Grid System™.

Safegrid - The Benefits

Full visibility
into the grid
Precise location
of faults
Enabling predictive maintenance
damage risk

Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System™ is a modern, rock-solid solution suite for monitoring medium voltage overhead lines and underground cables, completed with  cloud based analysis. Your next generation fault passage indicator with plenty of benefits.

A technical application example of our Intelligent Grid System™

From planning to operation - a streamlined process
"Safegrid has helped us decrease fault location and isolation times by up to 50%. This means we can restore service to customers outside the fault area faster and also locate and fix the actual fault faster. This has a tremendous impact on our operational economy and customer satisfaction. I love investments with a fast ROI like this."
Esa Koivula
CEO, Keuruun Energia

Our Products

The core of Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System™ is our precise and flexible cloud-based monitoring solution, Grid Guardian™.

This monitoring technology is combined with modern wireless FPI sensor modules Grayfox™ and Grayhawk™.

About Safegrid

We at Safegrid focus on delivering innovative, modern Smart Grid monitoring and analytic systems.

Our technology helps by following clear goals: The system can precisely locate and accurately predict grid faults, thus preventing expansive and life-threatening grid errors.

All Safegrid products can ultimately improve your entire grid performance.

Contact us today, and we can show you more information!

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