Safegrid Intelligent Grid System™

Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System™ helps locate, predict, and prevent grid faults and improve grid performance with instant-on wireless sensors and modern cloud-based monitoring and analytics.

Our Intelligent Grid System

The electrical distribution grid is the most extensive system in the world. In Europe alone, there are more than 10 million kilometres of medium-voltage lines (enough to go to the moon and back 13 times) with 5 to 10 million secondary substations.

Our society and infrastructure depend on this essential grid. Yet, we have very little visibility into the grid and how it exactly functions. 

Various factors put our paramount grid at risk, from natural hazards and excessive loads to even solar flares. Failures can be expensive and life-threatening.

Safegrid changes all this and brings the grid to the 21st century.

Meet our revolutionary Intelligent Grid System™.

Enhancing the grid of the future

Safegrid - The Benefits

Full visibility into the grid

Precise location of faults

Enabling predictive maintenance

Decreased damage risk

Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System™ is a modern, rock-solid solution suite for monitoring medium voltage overhead lines and underground cables, completed with  cloud based analysis. Your next generation fault passage indicator with plenty of benefits.

A technical application example of our Intelligent Grid System™

Smart Grid Solutions: Safegrid Intelligent Grid™
From planning to operation - a streamlined process

Our Products

Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System™ consists of our modern wireless FPI sensor modules Grayfox™ and Grayhawk™.

This monitoring technology can be combined with our precise and flexible cloud-based monitoring solution, Grid Guardian™.

About Safegrid

We at Safegrid focus on delivering innovative, modern Smart Grid monitoring and analytic systems.

Our technology helps by following clear goals: The system can precisely locate and accurately predict grid faults, thus preventing expansive and life-threatening grid errors.

A solid, long-term preventative maintenance structure can be achieved with our products.

Our instant-on wireless sensors and cloud-based monitoring and analytics are the tools of the future. The Intelligent Grid System™ lets every customer locate faults in real-time and with high accuracy.

In terms of grid faults, restoring the service will be done faster with minimal downtime. Achieve better SAIDI and grid economics with us.

All Safegrid products can ultimately improve your entire grid performance.

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Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo joins Safegrid’s board of directors as chairman

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