Modern Smart Grid Solutions

Powerful solution suite for monitoring both medium voltage overhead lines and underground cables. Locate faults faster and more accurately than ever before.

Powerful Grid Monitoring

Our solutions give utilities, and grid operators complete 24/7 visibility into the grid. 

When the fault locations are known, the crews can navigate and fix faults instantly, decreasing costs and downtime. The resulting fast FLISR and minimized SAIDI and SAIFI improve customer satisfaction and operational economics.

Safegrid solutions are designed for fast installation and deployment. They operate on a fully standalone basis without time-consuming integrations.

Yet, they feature powerful APIs for connecting them with other systems at any time, when needed.

Improving grid performance with SAFEGRID
Preventive maitenance to avoid downtime

An intelligent grid against common fault types

Faults happen in the grid. They can happen anywhere, at any time. A wide range of errors can occur, and the effects and results can be far-reaching. The list is long, from loss of money to loss of life. 

Here is a list of common fault types which are targeted and analyzed by our products:

  • High and low impedance earth faults (EF)
  • Intermitted EF
  • Short circuit faults
  • IO Glitches
  • Connected Load fault
  • Reconnected Load fault
  • Fault direction
  • Location of faults
  • Trip on flaws

All Safegrid intelligent grid monitoring products locate those grid faults faster and more accurately than before. 

They predict a wide range of flaws in the system with the clear goal of providing chances for a timely preventive maintenance.

This improves the overal grid performance dramaticaly and increases the equipment service life. 

Full visibility into the grid

Safegrid’s inexpensive hardware and cloud-based software help utilities and operators achieve full visibility throughout their grids.

Precise location of faults

By knowing fault locations, work crews can get to work faster, decreasing both costs and downtime. Fast FLISR and minimized SAIDI and SAIFI improve customer satisfaction and economics.

Enabling predictive maintenance

The ability to monitor grid components and conditions enables effective predictive maintenance measures which improve the reliability and service life of the components.

Decreased damage risk

Fast detection of electric arcs and other dangerous faults both helps prevent fires and helps utilities defend themselves against groundless lawsuits.

Safegrid Intelligent Grid System™ overview

Smart Grid Solutions: Safegrid Intelligent Grid™
From planning to operation - a streamlined process