Out Now: Substation Grayfox

Substation Grayfox

Out Now: Substation Grayfox

Safegrid has released a new product called the Substation Grayfox. The Substation Grayfox sensor is designed for distribution substations to measure all feeders behind a single main transformer using only one device. The sensor is primarily aimed to improve monitoring in two aspects:

  • Improve earth-fault detection in compensated networks where earth-faults are seen the strongest in the substation due to the earthing method.
  • In isolated or solid grounded grids, the device provides a reference point for the other sensors on the feeders. Cost-effective method to cover all feeders at a substation with a single sensor.‌


The new product features a total of six measurement channels instead of the traditional three channels. The measurement points in the substation include the the main transformer cables before the busbars, compensation coil measurement (if applies) and a transient measurements on the feeder side.

‌With the additional channels, the sensor is capable to measure earth-faults (when applying) and short-circuits more accurately from the substation, thus supporting the entire sensor network along the feeders. The sensor also provides more cost-effective way of measuring multiple feeders at once, as it can measure simultaneously all the feeders behind the main transformer. However, it should be noted, that one Substation Grayfox is installed per one main transformer. In a substation with multiple main transformers, multiple sensors are installed as needed.

‌The Substation Grayfox is used as a standard product in all new large-scale installations. It should be noticed, that the Substation Grayfox works in combination with the traditional Grayhawk and Grayfox sensors along the feeder lines. If regular sensors are installed only on a relatively small number of the outgoing feeders, the Substation Grayfox should not be used to avoid false alarms from the uncovered feeders. Safegrid recommends to always cover all feeders for the maximal grid visibility.

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