Get more out of Safegrid with REST API


Get more out of Safegrid with REST API

Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System (IGS) is designed to function as an independent grid monitoring solution. While utilities typically use multiple different systems, our customers have expressed the need to integrate the GridGuardian service with their existing systems. These systems are typically DMS, OMS, ADMS and resource management systems.

The Safegrid’s REST API provides a modern, flexible, and secure way to integrate the GridGuardian service into existing distribution or outage management system. With the REST API, the calculated fault locations and fault classifications can be transferred to an external system for further inspection and benefits.

For example, you can visualize the fault locations in an existing monitor, export the fault locations to be part of DMS/OMS fault management process, or manage organizational tasks for field patrol works.

One of the more advanced examples is an integration to FLIR system for automatic fault isolation.

You can also export an url-link to the external system that re-directs the user back to the GridGuardian service. The statuses of the Grayhawk and Grayfox sensors can also be exported to the external system.

The integration provides users efficient tools to manage network faults. Enabling streamlined and automated fault management processes with the existing systems, and thus reducing outages and restoration times.

For more information, please contact Safegrid.

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