Onninen Fair 2024 Key Takeaways

Safegrid takeaways from Onninen 2024

Onninen Fair 2024 Key Takeaways

Safegrid participated in the Onninen Fair events held in Skellefteå and Sundsvall for two days in February 2024. It was 15th Onninen Fair and there was large group of suppliers exhibiting their offerings.  It was exciting event with many interesting talks and seminars and it provided a great opportunity to meet Swedish utilities companies. 

Our top pick - E.ON seminar

At Sundsvall, E.ON senior advisors presented various steps they are taking to improve the network infrastructure. It was heartening to see that a lot of preventive maintenance steps were being planned by E.ON during the course of installation as well as grid operation. Identification of broken insulators was one of the critical steps and was done by visual inspection. We spoke with the presenters and spoke about Safegrid’s Smart Fault Prediction solution. Later on, we had an opportunity to provide more insights and go through some customer cases with them. They were quite excited and asked us to share more information.

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