Lammaisten Energia gets 100% visibility to their grid with the help of Safegrid

Safegrid Lammaisten Energia
Lammaisten Energia (a regional utility in Southwestern Finland) has acquired Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System™ to monitor its grid and improve its grid reliability even further.

Lammaisten Energia is a forward-looking utility that has invested heavily in its grid and aims to provide the best possible service and grid quality to both its industrial and household customers.

Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System (IGS) helps Lammaisten Energia locate and react to faults in its distribution grids more effectively than before. The real-time alerts and precise fault location information enable faster repairs, which minimize service interruptions and downtime when faults occur. The system helps optimize the SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) and SAIFI (System Average Interruption Frequency Index) metrics used by authorities to monitor and compare electrical utilities’ performance reliability.

The system deployed by Lammaisten Energia consists of Grayfox™ sensors for monitoring the cable network and the cloud-based Gridguardian™ monitoring backend for instant visibility and alerts from both a web client and a mobile application.

“We were impressed by the capabilities, price, and especially the ease of deployment of the Safegrid solution. We are known for our extremely reliable grid, which is especially important for our demanding industrial customers, and we can improve the reliability even further with IGS,” says Mr. Kimmo Kivikko, Managing Director of Lammaisten Energia.When IGS is fully deployed, Lammaisten Energia will be the first utility in the world to use smart sensors to provide full 100% visibility into its entire grid. The rapid system-wide deployment is made possible by the low investment cost and extremely easy deployment of Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System.

“We are proud that Lammaisten Energia has decided to deploy IGS to their full network. It is a privilege to work with companies that want to provide the best possible service for their customers, and we aim to be worthy of their trust in Safegrid,” says Mr. Jussi Hakunti, CEO of Safegrid Oy.

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About Safegrid

Safegrid is the creator of the Intelligent Grid System™ that helps utilities and grip operators locate, predict, and prevent grid faults and improve grid performance with instant-on wireless sensors and cloud-based monitoring and analytics. Safegrid is backed by, and Business Finland. Safegrid is based in Espoo, Finland. For more information, please visit

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