Turku Energia Sähköverkot Further Improves Its Grid Reliability with Safegrid

Turku Energia Sähköverkot (a utility serving the city of Turku in Southwestern Finland) has purchased Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System™ to further improve their grid and service quality.
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Turku Energia Sähköverkot Further Improves Its Grid Reliability with Safegrid

With over 2,500 km of grid and more than 90,000 end-users, Turku Energia Sähköverkot is a leading regional utility in Southwestern Finland. Turku Energia concern is an essential part of the City of Turku’s goal of being carbon neutral in 2029 and has invested significantly in renewable energy production.

Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System helps Turku Energia Sähköverkot achieve better visibility into its grid and react to faults in the grid more effectively than before. The timely alerts with IGS’s exact location information enable faster repairs, which minimize service interruptions and downtime.

The system delivered to Turku Energia Sähköverkot initially consists of Grayfox™ sensors for Turku Energia’s network and the cloud-based Gridguardian™ monitoring backend for instant visibility and alerts from a web client and a mobile application. The Gridguardian system also integrates with Turku Energia Sähköverkot internal systems. The Grayfox sensors will be installed at secondary substations and are able to monitor both cable and overhead line networks.

Turku Energia is also exploring the possibility of deploying Safegrid’s Grayhawk™ overhead line sensors for monitoring network segments located in the Turku archipelago which feature pole-mounted transformers.

“Partnering with Safegrid was a logical step for us. We take pride in our grid’s reliability and performance, and Safegrid helps us improve them even further. With increasing production of renewables, our grid must be more dynamic than before, and IGS is one key system enabling that,” says Mr. Juho Uurasjärvi, Operations Manager of Turku Energia Sähköverkot Oy.

“Turku is my hometown, and I am very proud that Turku Energia has chosen Safegrid to ensure world-class electric service to the city,” says Mr. Jussi Hakunti, CEO of Safegrid Oy. “Turku Energia Sähköverkot is the type of innovative and responsible utility that we are excited to work with and learn from.”!

For more information:

Jussi Hakunti, CEO, Safegrid Oy
tel: +358405825229
email: jussi@safegrid.io

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