Keuruun Sähkö Deploys Safegrid’s IGS solution


Keuruun Sähkö Deploys Safegrid’s IGS solution

Keuruun Sähkö (a regional utility in Central Finland) has acquired Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System™ as a part of their grid improvement project

Keuruun Sähkö (KS) is a regional utility with a proud history of over 100 years of serving the City of Keuruu and surrounding areas. Despite the relatively small footprint of its network (660 km of medium voltage line), KS is known for investing in the quality of its service and new technologies. 

Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System (IGS) helps KS achieve even better visibility into its grid and provides real-time alerts with exact location information to enable faster repairs to minimize service interruptions and downtime.

The system delivered to KS consists of Grayhawk™ and Grayfox™ sensors for monitoring both overhead lines and underground cables and the cloud-based Gridguardian™ monitoring back-end for instant visibility and alerts from a web client and a mobile application. The sensors will be installed at secondary substations and pole-mounted transformers and can monitor both cable and overhead line networks.

KS Operations Engineer Ms. Sari Kolu says: “Over 80% of our network consists of overhead cables and we are investing in improving the weather resilience and service quality of the network. Safegrid’s IGS solution helps improve the quality of our service even further.” She continues: “As a small player, we like to invest in proven solutions and Safegrid’s good reputation and strong existing customer base were important selection criteria for us.”

“We are happy that KS chose the IGS system for securing and monitoring their network,” says Mr. Jussi Hakunti, CEO of Safegrid Oy. “KS has played a key role in the region, providing reliable electric service for over a century and we are proud to partner with them to carry on that legacy.” 

For more information:

Jussi Hakunti, CEO, Safegrid Oy
tel: +358405825229

About Safegrid. Safegrid is the creator of the Intelligent Grid System™ that helps utilities and grip operators locate, predict, and prevent grid faults and improve grid performance with instant-on wireless sensors and cloud-based monitoring and analytics. Safegrid is backed by and Business Finland. Safegrid is based in Espoo, Finland. For more information, please visit

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