Meet RoboTapsa, Our Novel Field Test Robot.

Meet RoboTapsa, Our Novel Field Test Robot.

RoboTapsa is our latest innovation, a novel field test robot that simulates real-life earth faults in the medium-voltage network. 

Live in action. Click the picture to view the video.

Why is constant testing important?

Faults happen in the electrical grid. They can happen anywhere, at any given time. A wide range of errors can occur, and the effects and results can be far-reaching. The list is long, from loss of money to loss of life. 

That´s where we come into play. At Safegrid, we develop products to combat those losses. We thrive to reach new frontiers by developing new technologies that assist companies with monitoring the grid.

Intelligent grid monitoring

We provide a robust solution suite for monitoring medium voltage overhead lines and underground cables. Therefore, with the help of our products, we can locate faults faster and more accurately than ever before in time.

Our products aid with improving the overall grid performance dramatically and increase the equipment service life. 

By knowing the exact fault locations, all work crews can get to work faster, decreasing both the costs and downtime. A fast FLISR and minimized SAIDI and SAIFI, improve the entire customer satisfaction and overall economics.

In short: Our solutions give utilities, and grid operators complete 24/7 visibility into the grid. 

RoboTapsa – our test robot

With our newest member of the family, RoboTapsa the field test robot, we now have another tool in our toolbox. This test robot can fully simulate real-life earth faults in the medium-voltage network and helps us with product testing and development. After extensive R&D we are now able to use this robot in real-life environments.

We would like to thank Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö Oy and Maviko for the great test day we had. It was a joy!

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