Elektrilevi Eliminates Potentially Critical Grid Failures with Safegrid

Elektrilevi eliminates potentially critical grid failures with Safegrid

Elektrilevi Eliminates Potentially Critical Grid Failures with Safegrid

Elektrilevi is the largest grid operator in Estonia, with over 533 000 end-customers and 63 000 km of power lines they operate throughout the whole Estonia.

Safegrid delivered a pilot installation for Elektrilevi to monitor the city of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, distribution grid. One of the noteworthy success stories was when the Safegrid system noticed broken cable in the network. In this rather special incident, a single cable broke down in a double-cable feeder. The other healthy cable kept feeding the network normally without interruptions. The issue was not noticed by the Elektrilevi’s existing monitoring system, and the situation continued for multiple weeks. After noticing a change in the feeding currents, Safegrid contacted Elektrilevi to notify about a possibly missing phase. The situation however was first interpreted as a broken sensor, not as a grid fault. After some further investigation, it was found out that actually one of the cables was truly broken down in the network. The cable was then quickly fixed and restored back to normal. Even no customer interruptions were realized, the situation posed a serious threat that could have led to a critical failure if the other cable had failed too.

  • Prevented a critical fault, saving thousands of end-users from an outage
  • Improved network transparency


“Thanks to Safegrid system we were able to eliminate a potentially critical failure from our grid which could have escalated to a fault causing an outage to thousands of customers.” Taavi Tammeorg Chief Specialist, Elektrilevi

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