Cired 2023 Key Takeaways

CIRED 2023 takeaways

Cired 2023 Key Takeaways

CIRED 2023 at Rome provided a good opportunity to meet power distribution experts from around the world. It was a good opportunity for Safegrid to discuss possible solutions for everyday problems in grid operation and maintenance.

The most interesting presentations

There were several topics of interest for Safegrid. One particularly interesting topic was how techniques utilising artificial intelligence could improve both operations and quality of service. There were three interesting case studies about different uses for AI: 

  1. Enedis made a focus on CartoLine, a tool that uses supervised machine learning to analyze the events received from the AMI communication infrastructure in order to predict malfunctions on the LV network several days in advance.
  2. A Senegalese DSO has equipped some MV/LV substations with smart meters and implemented a neural network-based algorithm to detect and classify voltage quality of service problems.
  3. Austrian company Intelligent Connectivity Group proposed an AI-based algorithm to use telecommunication data for low voltage grid outage detection.

Key takeaways from the event

CIRED 2023 provided an opportunity to meet up with 2500 experts and benefit from face-to-face interaction with key decision leaders in the field of electricity distribution. We were able to meet up with new partners and end customers not only from Europe and the US but also from Far East Asian countries.

Participants from Safegrid

Safegrid had a strong representation at CIRED 2023. Our team included our CEO, Jussi Hakunti, as well as our Sales Managers Rajiv Operoi, Klaus Ola, and Mike Burns, along with our Customer Success and Partnership Director, Juha Haikonen.

The Safegrid team was excited to participate in CIRED 2023 and to share our knowledge and expertise with the other attendees. We believe that this event was a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the electricity industry and to network with other professionals.

Next Event: Expectations and Schedule

The exhibition provided a good opportunity to influence future developments in renewable energy and to play a vital role in the energy transition. We look forward to participating again in CIRED 2025 at Geneva in June 2025.

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