My first month in Safegrid

My first month in Safegrid

We sat down with our new sales director Klaus Ola to hear his thoughts about his first month with us.

Why did you join Safegrid?

I had an opportunity I had to grab. The company is truly the next step in DSO grid monitoring and I would have thought “what if” if I hadn’t joined the team.

How do you feel after the first weeks of working with Safegrid?

Excited. The team is top notch and we have a common vision.

What was the biggest surprise?

How far the company has come and fast. Incredible visionary features created in almost no time at all by the talented team.

What was your biggest achievement in your first weeks with Safegrid?

Expanding the customer base and distributor network

Have you already had a chance to talk to some of our clients?

I’ve had close to 20 meetings with potential clients and a few with existing ones as well. It seems the offering creates a lot of interest.

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