Key Takeaways from the 11th Global Asset Management Forum for DSOs in Budapest


Key Takeaways from the 11th Global Asset Management Forum for DSOs in Budapest

Safegrid recently participated in the 11th Global Asset Management Forum for Distribution System Operators, held in Budapest. The event was a significant gathering for industry professionals, offering a platform to discuss grid performance and resilience. Safegrid’s VP of Sales, EMEA & APAC, Klaus Ola, presented on predictive asset management through case studies, emphasizing innovation in the sector. Additionally, Ola moderated a panel discussion on digitalization strategies in network planning, which sparked engaging discussions on the future of grid management. Klaus Ola and Rajiv Oberoi represented Safegrid at the two-day exhibition, utilizing the event to connect with utility companies and industry leaders, fostering valuable networking opportunities.

A few key insights emerged from the discussions. There are some noticeable gaps between necessary investments and available funding, where Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System®, could assist by facilitating condition-based asset management. Additionally, while congestion and the green transition are currently top priorities, enhancing the integration of internal O&M data could help shift from time-based to condition-based investment schemes. Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System®, presents a cost-effective alternative to underground cabling, offering similar operational benefits with a smaller investment.

Rajiv and Klaus

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